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Kampinos National Park
Every landscape is a multi-layered record that requires reading, a natural microcosm and a chronicle of the activity of our ancestors.
Tygodnik Powszechny review of Adam Robiński's book Hajstry

Welcome to the Kampinos Forest

My name is Adam Robiński. I am a writer and a journalist. I have published books on nature, landscapes and human/non-human relations. I have received awards (Lądek Mountain Festival Grand Prix, Magellan Award, Nat Geo Poland award) and have been nominated to major literary awards in Poland. I cover stories on nature conservation, wildlife and everything that happens where nature and arts meet. You can find my writing in Tygodnik Powszechny weekly and Pismo monthly among others.

I am a licensed guide with Kampinos National Park, which is the second biggest national park in Poland. It is located in close proximity of Warsaw and is teeming with moose, wolves and beavers.

I will be happy to guide you in Polish or English around the Kampinos Forest. I can also show you beaver habitats in the national park and around Warsaw.

Adam Robiński

My books

Hajstry - cover

Hajstry (2017)

a collection of essays on the search for the exotic in the common lowland and mountain landscapes of Central Europe

Kiczery - cover

Kiczery (2019)

a Chatwinesque travelogue about discovering the Bieszczady range on the borderlands of Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine

Pałace na wodzie - cover

Pałace na wodzie (2022)

a biography of Polish beaver population and a story of their surprising return from the brink of extinction

Trips, tours and nature watching


Explore beaver habitats around Warsaw, learn about the 20th century revival of the species, watch wild beavers in their natural environment.

Kampinos National Park

Discover Warsaw's favourite Kampinos National Park, its wildlife, pine forests, bogs, post-glacial dunes and deserted villages. Spot one of hundreds of park's moose.

Kampinos National Park
These may not be great heights for an experienced hiker, but a completely new trail among Polish travel writers.
Wojciech Stanisławski's review of Adam Robiński's book Kiczery